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We import our hair directly from China.
This is how we offer top quality hair at the best prices.
Bundles are priced per pound and generally run from 1 to 1.1 lbs

Discounts on Bundles
5 one-pound bundle: save 5%
10 one-pound bundles: save 10%
15 one-pound bundles: save 15%




BowWorks Mare Hair (replacing Gold Label)

House Label, very good hair at an excellent value
HBMH27 27 inches 97.00
HBMH29 29 inches 149.00
HBMH31 31 inches 295.00
HBMH32 32 inches 415.00

Select Mongolian

Very little color drift from end to end slightly finer than Male Tail

HBSM31 31 inches 495.00
HBSM32 32 inches 565.00
HBSM34 34 inches 595.00


32 inches and over
(bundles around 1 lb)

All prices in US Dollars.
All prices subject to change without notice.

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BowWorks sells all of the materials needed to make bows for stringed instruments.
If you are a bow maker, bow restorer, or practice the craft of bowmaking as a hobby,
BowWorks has the materials you need.
Steven Beckley makes fine violin bows, viola bows and cello bows.

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