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Ordering Info

Ordering Information

There are many ways to contact me:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone call any time, if I can’t answer, leave a message.. I will call back.

You can also fax me, US Mail, UPS, FedEx, pigeon, private courier, pony express, etc.

VISA and MASTERCARD payments are gladly accepted

Mailing address:
PO Box 263
Littleriver, CA 95456

Orders By Phone: 707-937-0570
Call any time & leave a message

Please, always Leave a message.

When you call, please have your order prepared with
Item Numbers, Descriptions and the Amounts you want
(i.e. please don't say "You know, just a few of each.")!

Orders by Fax 707-937-0570
.... are welcome 24 hours a day.

  • If my machine answers when phoning, leave a message,
    please speak slowly and clearly .
  • For the materials you are ordering, please include the item number as well as the description and price.
  • Give your name, address, area code and phone number.

When ordering by fax, please include all the same information.

Please don't call to ask where you can get some of the items we no longer carry. We will try to have some information here on the web site about some resources, but the whole idea of cutting back is letting Steve get back to the bench without being interrupted by the phone/ We have always tried to be helpful and we will continue to try and answer your wuestions but it moght not be right at this very moment. we may need to call or email you back with the Answer.

E-Mail Orders

Give your name, address, area code and phone number.

For the materials you are ordering, please include the item number as well as the description and price and the amount that you want. I will call you to get your credit card information.

For Export Orders

Payment must be made in U.S. dollars by check, money order or credit card. Checks and money orders must be drawn against a U.S. Bank. Shipments willbe send via U.S. Mail unless other arragements have been made. So that I am able to insure my shipment, total value will appear on the customs invoice.

Returns or Exchanges

will be accepted for any reason within 10 days. Contact me before shipping, and state whether you wish a refund or exchange.

All merchandise is your responsibility from the time you receive it until we have safely received it.

After 10 days there will be a 10% restocking charge.
After 30 days, all sales are final
and full payment is due.

Check your order carefully upon receiving it!

Minimum Order

U.S.A.: $50.00
Canada and Mexico: $100.00
All other foreign orders: $150.00


Handling & Shipping Charges

$3.50 Handling plus Shipping and Insurance charged at cost.
We generally ship UPS domestically and U.S. Mail, FedEx for international shipments.
For FedEX we would prefer to bill your account # since they seldom quote us the real price.


Mailing Address

PO Box 263
Littleriver CA 95456

Shipping Address

44419 Little river Airport Road
Littleriver, CA 95456

Please note: U.S. Mail is not delivered to my street address

All prices in US Dollars.
All prices subject to change without notice.

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Bow Making Supplies
PO Box 263, Little River, CA 95456
Phone: 707-937-0570
Call any time & leave a message
Fax: 707-937-0570

BowWorks sells all of the materials needed to make bows for stringed instruments.
If you are a bow maker, bow restorer, or practice the craft of bowmaking as a hobby,
BowWorks has the materials you need.
Steven Beckley makes fine violin bows, viola bows and cello bows.

This web site and all of it's content, text and images, are copyrighted.
Copyright © 1986 - 2018 Steven Beckley
All rights reserved.

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