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We are so glad that you did. It would be terrible to think that we went through all of the effort of making this page and no one came to the party!

As your reward, you get to read the only joke we have ever found that mentions a bow maker. It was found on a blacksmiths page.

A farrier is shoeing a bunch of Clydesdale horses owned by a violin-bow maker. The bow maker grows long tails & manes on the horses for the hair to make his bows. bow maker tells the farrier to watch out for one of the horses 'cause it's got a bird nest in the mane, and the noise has made the horse skittish. The farrier says "Your wife's baking today, go in and get some yeast." When the bow maker comes back, the farrier takes the yeast, throws it into the horse's mane, and the nest slips out. The bow maker has never seen anything like this before, and tells the farrier so. The farrier says "You mean you never heard, yeast is yeast and nest is nest and never the mane shall tweet?"

OK, so perhaps it's rather droll... but what do you expect from blacksmiths? For their part, at least it is a literary reference.

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