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Wonderful Weblinks

In keeping with the Grand Tradition ot the internet I, too, have my page of swell and dandy links that have items of interest that you might find useful

For information about the violin bows made by Steve Beckley you can go
Along with retailing these bows to musicians, he also wholesales bows to qualified shops. Feel free to contact him for more information.

The David Van Zant web site. Lots of interesting things relating to violins, bows and bowmaking here too!

The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers has a web site here:

The Violin Society of America is an organization whose purpose is to promote the art and science of making, repairing and preserving stringed musical instruments and their bows. The VSA offers its members the world-renowned competition for new instruments and bows, an annual convention, the Journal, a quarterly newsletter, as well as other activities.

The line of low-cost bows that I import, Arcos Brasil, has their own web site too, if you need more information than I have provided here, check it out.

They have an excellent paper on pernambuco wood

Classical Sheet Music Downloads by Virtual Sheet Music
High Quality classical sheet music for piano, violin, trumpet and all the classical instruments ready to download and print. Exclusive transcriptions and arrangements also available from user suggestions.

And we mustn't forget the required links to pages of Violist Jokes...

 And then we get to sites that are not strictly related to Violins or Bowmaking

May I recommend Frank Ford's site:
Frank has been a builder, restorer, and repairer of fretted instruments for two or three millennia and has created a site that is marvelously filled with information for musicians and repair folk alike. He has worked hard on his site and his efforts show. He is always adding new things and you will be surprised at the interesting things you will find there.

And then there is Gryphon Stringed Instruments
Gryphon Is a retailer of stringed Instruments, new and used of all types sizes, shapes and varieties. They carry the Arcos Brasil line of bows that I import as well. They have a Dutch auction running on their site where you can score some great deals. They update their inventory list online daily.

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