Elforyn Violin Bow Tip 83 Degree Head

Elforyn Violin Bow Tip 83 Degree Head

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Application information:

1) The angled head area itself has been precision milled and needs no sanding or shaping. It is ready to go for you. Prior to gluing, the artisan should remove 90% of the material that will not be seen in the final product. You are taking the rectangular shaped tip and working it into being a U shaped tip before gluing it. After attaining the U shape then gently bend the tip in your fingers. A gentle bow/curve can be put in the floor by doing this and this makes gluing easier.

2) The floor has been very finely cut. This cut surface is ready to go for any glue. Do not sand this surface. You can use hide glue, epoxy glue, gorilla glue or CA super glue. We recommend Super Jet medium viscosity professional grade cyanoacrylate glue (available on Amazon as the red label as opposed to the Jet brand with blue label).

3) Sand the fiber or wood surface you are going to glue the tip to with 150 or 220 sandpaper. You are sanding this surface to clean it up so the glue adheres better to it. Again, no need to sand the floor of the tip itself.

4) After gluing the tip on to the bow, the head can be finished to size and can easily be sanded and hand buffed with any paste wax. A hand buffing cloth will polish it up - a T shirt will do!

5) Here is a finishing technique for the face of the tip after it has been applied, submitted by bow maker Rodney Mohr :

"I go through 150 grit to take it down to final thickness then 400 and 2000 grit. I then use a Sunshine brand polishing cloth to bring up the shine. It is a yellow cloth that must have a wax and/or oil along with the abrasive. You can get the Sunshine polishing cloth from Amazon where it is sold as 3 cloths in a packet. The cloths need to be kept in a sealed bag to keep them fresh and clean. One of my dogs wants to shred them to pieces, so I can't leave them on my bench. They are also very good for silver and other things as well."

Elforyn Violin Bow Tip

Elforyn fluoresces under a black light with patterning that conveys to any customs or wildlife agent that it is a man made material and not real ivory.

83 Degree Head

Ivory Color. Made in USA

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