All-Black Faux Whale Bone Violin Bow Wrap

All-Black Faux Whale Bone Violin Bow Wrap

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Fine English Style Imitation Whale Bone Wrap. This purchase contains 61" of black faux whalebone wrapping material in a single strand. This is enough material to do one violin, viola or cello bow in an all-black wrap with no gold. If you need to do a bass bow just email us through our contact page after you purchase this product and we will send the bass bow size package.

Helpful tips from master bow maker Rodney Mohr:

1) One can shrink-tighten any faux whalebone wrap by heating it with a hair dryer or heat gun or an alcohol lamp. Use caution to not have a flame close enough to melt the faux whalebone.

2) Use 100X sandpaper to sand the back side of the blonde strip. This gives it texture to make it look more like real whalebone and it lessens the translucency of the material for a better appearance.

Don't forget the bags!

Violin, Cello & Bass Bow Bags.

PLASTIC BAGS: Our plastic bags are heavy bags at 3 mil thickness. They are 2.75" wide X 36" length and are clear. These are available in groups of 5 or in packages of 100.

Plastic Extra Heavy Duty Bow Bags