Super Awabi Pearl Bass Bow Slides

Super Awabi Pearl Bass Bow Slides

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It is very important that buyers READ THROUGH THIS PAGE of information so you know what you are purchasing.

These slides are for professional bow makers who understand the nature of natural materials. As with ebony and other natural materials these slides are individually unique. You are purchasing:

1) Four (4) Super Awabi Bass slides with this purchase. In the photo the center piece is a natural Awabi pearl slide and the others are Super-Awabi slides.

2) These slides have been specially treated with silver nano-particles as described below.

3) Each slide is 1 mm thick X 13 mm wide X 46 mm long. Precision cut, unpolished and they arrive black from the silver treatment. See photos and application notes below.

4) Each slide is unique as with any pearl. A slide may be a total knockout or it may not be. You are rolling the die on these just like you are when you purchase ebony frog blanks. You may get a movie star or you may get the girl behind the counter down at your local ice cream stand. I mention this so that you know your risks. I do not accept returns. These are for Big Boy and Big Girl customers who are not going to call me up and complain about a natural material. If you are worried about it - you should not purchase these.

Here is what these are:

Super-Awabi pearl slides are Awabi pearl bow slides that have been put through a proprietary process in our workshop where silver nano-particles are embedded into the Awabi pearl itself.

The resulting slides retain a brilliance, luster and intensification of color that gives the pearl an intensely rich and striking appearance. This is not a coating nor is it a thin infusion. The silver nano-particles have penetrated deep into the pearl where they diffuse incoming light. The light then radiates within the pearl slide creating a visual impact that is significant. This diffusion of light enhances every color within the Awabi - the greens are greener, the blues are bluer and the pinks are pinker.

Utilizing formulas and techniques from the 1800's along with 21st century nano-particle mediums, David Warther has redefined what Awabi slides can be for today's bow makers. This work is only being done here at David Warther & Co. in Dover, Ohio.

The pearl slides, and dots made from the slides, are very rich in color and brilliance. The results must be seen to be believed. This time honored process does not harm the structural integrity of the pearl.

Here are application recommendations:

1) When you receive your slides they will be black from the silver treatment as seen in below photo. Sand both sides lightly to determine which side you desire as the showing side. As with any pearl slide, one side will be sharper looking than the other.

2) Sand the display side down to the desired depth to attain the colors you want. The more you sand the the brighter and more radiant your colors will be - but to a certain point. The effect of the silver induced color enhancement is less after a certain depth is met - but you have plenty of room to work with and you will see as you go at what point you will want to stop sanding. This sounds risky but it is not.

3) When dots are made from slides this color drift feature is not a problem because the pearl sands through to the point where the deep rich colors emanate through from the other side.

4) Polish/buff as you would any pearl slide. If you need the slide to be thinner - take material off the back side.

Being a natural material, each slide is different and unique in its colors and sparkle. We offer these in groupings of 4 slides each. The no-return policy we have on pearl is because it is not fair to other bow makers to have folks pick and choose and send back slides they do not want after they have been sanded down and maybe unevenly so. As with our regular pearl slides we sell in groupings and some will be sharper looking than others within that grouping.

U.S customers only.

While it is legal to sell and ship internationally the permit process for each shipment negates the feasibility of selling beyond the 50 States.

Additional Views

Natural Awabi bow slide in center. Super-Awabi bow slides surrounding it.

Super-Awabi bow slides arrive black. Once sanded they are colorful.

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