Violin Full Size Ebony & Nickel Silver with Button

Violin Full Size Ebony & Nickel Silver with Button

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FFNE1/302/51 $49.95

Fully Finished Ebony & Nickel Frog by Paulus of Germany.

Violin Full Size.

The Frogs are completely polished. Buttons and wedges are included. The frog eyes, the button eye and the slide are of Mother of Pearl. The button is two rings of silver with ebony core. The Front ring, with finely machined outer and inner collar, and the rear ring are silver with an ebony core between them.

Made By Paulus GmbH of Germany.

Length: 45.71 mm
Total Height: 20.53 mm
Height from bottom of underslide: 18.05 mm
Height of ferrule: 6.13 mm
Width of ferrule: 13.96 mm

US Customers Only.

All of the ebony utilized in this product is Diospyros crassiflora. Its origin is Nigeria. We have imported this with all paperwork being filed electronically and doubled with paper form. All proper strict procedures have been adhered to including Lacey Act PPQ Form 505, US Fish & Wildlife Import/Export permits, and USDA Import and Health Requirement Permits and USDA Plant & Plant Product Declaration Forms in compliance with Lacey Act Requirements (16 USC 3372(f)). All products adhere to USDA APHIS-APIE standards and procedures.

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Violin Full Size Nickel Silver & Ebony Frog

Violin Full Size Nickel Silver & Ebony Frog

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