Peccatte Style 1/2 Finished Bow Frogs

Peccatte Style 1/2 Finished Frogs. Silver & Ebony.

Made by Paulus GmbH in Germany.

Available in Violin, Viola and Cello.

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Peccatte Style Half Finished Viola Bow Frog

Peccatte Style Frog. Viola Full Size/ Half Finished Frog.

Silver & Ebony. Made By Paulus GmbH of Germany.

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FHSE2PE/113103/62 $ 120.00

Don't forget the bags!

Violin, Cello & Bass Bow Bags.

PLASTIC BAGS: Our plastic bags are heavy bags at 3 mil thickness. They are 2.75" wide X 36" length and are clear. These are available in groups of 5 or in packages of 100.

Plastic Extra Heavy Duty Bow Bags