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The Ultimate Resource for Violin Bow Making Supplies

If you are coming to this site because you saw the bow maker Steven Beckley on the DIY Network's "Handmade Music " show, you can see his handmade violin bows on his violin bow maker site.

At BowWorks we supply all of the materials required for the people who make, repair and restore Violin bows, Viola Bows, Cello Bows, Bass Bows and other bows for stringed instruments.

BowWorks was started in 1986 by Steven Beckley, who is also a bowmaker, when he realized that a central source of quality bow making materials was needed so he could concentrate on his work of making bows and spend less time hunting down the materials that he used.

Over the course of years, he has discovered the finest sources of shell, silver, exotic leather, horse hair, and the other supplies needed for the making restoration and repair of violin bows, and other bows for stringed Instruments. He has gathered all of these materials into a single source so you can concentrate better working on bows and spend less time finding the quality bowmaking materials that you need to practice your craft.

Here is the index to our online catalog

Take a look at some violin bows made by Steven Beckley.


Camp Bend-a-Bow

Camp Bend-a-Bow. It’s not camping it’s Glamping. Each person has their own tent with a queen size air bed, sheets and comforter; a desk, chair and reading lamp; along with a place to hang and store your clothes.
There is a washer and drier available. You will have access to our spacious sunroom, where meals will be served and you can sit and read or talk with other students. Outside areas are also available for sitting and relaxing.

Meals will be served by my wife Meryl and they will be the best camp meals you will ever have.

The classes are limited to 5 students so that lots of personal attention can be given.
High quality sticks and silver mounted frogs and buttons will be supplied.
Bring what tools you have but other tools will be available for your use.

This year we are having two sessions
The First session is from June 29th to July 10th
The Second session is from July 27th to August 7th

Call for more information. 707-937-0570

View from the Little River Inn about one mile away.

View of the Village of Mendocino about 4 miles away.

NEW! Dehydrated Bows!


All prices in US Dollars.
All prices subject to change without notice.

BowWorks Logo
Bow Making Supplies
PO Box 263, Little River, CA 95456
Phone: 707-937-0570
U.S. Toll Free: 866-834-0425
Call any time & leave a message
Fax: 707-937-0570

BowWorks sells all of the materials needed to make bows for stringed instruments.
If you are a bow maker, bow restorer, or practice the craft of bowmaking as a hobby,
BowWorks has the materials you need.
Steven Beckley makes fine violin bows, viola bows and cello bows.

This web site and all of it's content, text and images, are copyrighted.
Copyright © 1986 - 2016 Steven Beckley
All rights reserved.

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