WhiteHorse™ Imitation Violin Bow Hair.

WhiteHorse™ Imitation Violin Bow Hair is an advanced polymer with a scientifically applied and proprietary surface finish.

BowWorks™ has developed this successful and revolutionary imitation horse hair for violin bows—WhiteHorse™ imitation violin bow hair. In addition, Leatherwood rosin has developed a rosin for us that is specifically formulated to work with this imitation hair.

 In developing this new hair we have worked with the University of Akron School of Polymer Science and with the R & D Departments of 3 major fiber manufacturers. We fully studied and mapped the microscopic texture of real horse hair in full length spectroscopy in order to replicate the natural texture and geometry that makes real horse hair work in our string instrument world. Developing WhiteHorse™ was a 2+ year project.

WhiteHorse™ bow hair is an advanced polymer with a scientifically applied and proprietary surface finish that possesses the same properties as high-quality natural horsehair.

In addition, WhiteHorse™ horsehair has the following advantages over real hair:

1) Not affected by temperature changes.

2) Not affected by humidity/moisture changes.

3) It is non shredding. 

4) It has much greater strength and durability. We have had highly skilled players test this hair and it has been very well received by these players and their bow specialists. It is also ideal for student and school bows because of its longevity. When the rosin gets old it can be removed with alcohol and then your WhiteHorse™ bow hair is starting afresh.

5) WhiteHorse™ hair is made of an advanced polymer that has the same harmonics in the material itself as real horse hair.

6) Combs out easily for a smooth application.

7) Uniform and consistent in quality. Unlike real hair where there are good and bad strands, you do not throw any of this away as you do with real hair.

8) No deterioration and recyclable. This material does not deteriorate so it stores for an indefinite time period. It is fully recyclable and can be placed in with your plastic recycle products.

9) This is a Vegan material.

10) Material harmonics, dynamic scales-ranges, and performance are excellent. The feel and the feel in play are that of real hair.

 With WhiteHorse™ hair you can play harder and longer and yet you will see a reduction in how often you change your bow hair. You will find that our bow hair will last longer than real hair and you will have consistent playing results regardless of where you are playing on this planet. This material is not affected by temperature and humidity changes so you can travel and play in any environment and not experience bow hair problems as seen with real hair or with other imitation hair. 

 But most importantly—you will have the performance of the highest quality horse hair without the cost or physical problems associated with real hair.