Violin Bow Tips, Tip Liners & Plugs

We offer violin bow tips in plastic, casein imitation ivory, fossil mammoth ivory, ebony, Elforyn®, Tip Armor™ and now in the nearly indestructible Tip Shield™. As you look at each product you will see description and application information.

Elforyn® is a mineral plastic that is made in Germany and we machine the bow tips here in our Ohio shop. This is a strong polymer/plastic - much stronger than the plastic and casein tips but not as strong as the nearly indestructible Tip Shield™.

Tip Shield is a polymer that is made in the USA and we machine the tips in our Dover, Ohio shop. The Tip Shield™ tips are nearly indestructible. They are very flexible and easy to apply and the tips will not break off in applying them or afterwards. This may sound unrealistic but you will find this to be true. This advanced polymer will not break.

Our fossil mammoth ivory (FMI) is musical instrument grade material and is of the lightest color and most blemish free stock available.