5-40 GH3 Tap

5-40 GH3 Tap

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5-40GH3/203 $49.95

Our 5-40 English taps are available as GH2 and GH3 sizes. This listing is for the GH3.

Our 5-40 English taps are GH2 and GH3. You can purchase 5-40 taps just about anywhere but these are GH (Ground High) sizes. The GH2 is within tolerance so it is a true 5-40 tap but it has been selected out because it is on the plus side of the tolerance. It is .0005" (half a thousandth of an inch) larger in pitch diameter than the standard 5-40.

This listing is for the GH3. The GH3 is a full thousandth of inch larger (.001").

These are very small increments but they make an important difference in how smoothly the screw and eyelet work together. Both of these sizes are important and are good to have on hand to re-tap eyelets that are sticking and not feeding correctly. They are also good for tapping eyelet blanks that have no threads as yet.

It is best to use the GH2 when tapping an eyelet or in re-tapping an existing eyelet that is just a little too tight. The GH3 should be used if the eyelet is still too tight (binding or not traveling smoothly) after the GH2 has tapped or re-tapped your eyelet.

It is best to have one each of these English sizes and one each of the Metric sizes in your tool chest.

Made in Europe.

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