Our History

Artisans working in exotic natural materials since 1902

The Warther family of Dover, Ohio has been a family of artisans working in and supplying exotic natural materials since 1902 when Ernest Warther began a family business of knife making and carving.

Ernest's son, David Warther Sr., entered the family business after getting out of the service after World War II. In addition to making ivory handled cutlery he began providing ivory parts to artisans and craftsmen in America.

In the 1970's, David's son, David Warther II began making ivory parts from elephant tusks and soon thereafter introduced ancient mammoth ivory parts.This unique material is sourced from Canada, Alaska and Siberia where it has laid frozen in the earth for 10,000 to 30,000 years.

In the early 1990's David began making violin bow parts and selling them directly to bow makers as well as through Bowworks™, a bow supply house owned by Steve Beckley. In 2018 David bought Bowworks™ from Steve and moved the operation to Dover, Ohio where it operates today in its expanded form. 

David Warther

Bowworks™ Dover , Ohio