Bowworks™ Brand Thread Bow Screws & Eyelets

About the Bowworks™ thread:

Our Bowworks™ brand screws and eyelets are different and are better than standard thread bow screws. This is a proprietary thread form developed by Bowworks™ founder Steve Beckley. The Bowworks™ screw has been designed specifically for repeated lateral transport. It has steep angles for low friction and polished rounded crests and valleys to avoid cutting into the softer metal of the eyelet when the screw and eyelet become out of alignment with each other. Our new Bowworks™brand bow screws are the right thread form for the job and will also still be in service 200 years from now. These are seen as the third item down on the menu to the right.

We feel confident that our new bow screws are the right thread form for violin family member screws and eyelets. The screws are made of stainless steel and the eyelets of bronze. Bronze is much stronger and more corrosion resistant than brass. Also, bronze is harder and more abrasion resistant than brass. Linked with stainless steel screws, these screw sets will last a lifetime.

We offer these in extra long blanks as well as in finished lengths for Violin and Cello.

Our violin screws and eyelets are made by Paulus GmbH of Germany. Paulus has been recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of violin bow parts and they have maintained this leadership position by setting the standard in quality for generations.