Fully Finished Paulus GmbH Bow Frogs

Our violin bow frogs are made by Paulus GmbH of Germany. Paulus has been recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of violin bow parts and they have maintained this leadership position by setting the standard in quality for generations. We serve the North American violin bow parts market as Paulus' official US representative.

These are the finest German made bow frogs and they have been manufactured with precision and care. The parts are precisely machined of the highest quality materials - everything is done right in the Paulus shop and we bring these high quality parts to you with efficient shipping from our Ohio shop.

Fully Finished Paulus GmbH Bow Frogs in Ebony/Nickel as well as Ebony/Silver with matching buttons.

These are arranged, in general, from top to bottom as least expensive to most expensive.

The bass frogs are listed separately at the bottom for clarity and compare of shopping within that discipline.