Shipping Information

Sucseno Violin Bow Frog

U.S. Shipping:

 We ship via Priority mail and First Class mail and we charge a flat rate of $9 per order to all US addresses. The size of your order does not change this low shipping charge.

  Most orders are sent the day you place your order or the following morning. Our shipping system will email you the tracking number for your package within a day or so of purchase. Please look for that email as it oftentimes lands in a junk email or deleted folder. Your package will be sent with delivery confirmation-tracking but it does not require a signature when delivered. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages at your location.

International Shipping:

We have a $24 shipping charge for international shipments. If your shipment costs less than $24 to ship then we will refund the difference or we will send extra parts similar to what you ordered. If your order costs more than $24 to ship then we will contact you so you can pay the difference.

International Tracking Info:

Tracking is for many but not all International destinations so International buyers are buying with a shipping risk. If your international package fails to arrive we will not refund your money. The tracking will usually show the package going to a US port of exit and then, for most countries, it will show nothing until it arrives at your door. You must be patient and wait ! Do not bug us with emails asking how we can help because we cannot help. It is in the hands of your postal system.

Thank you.


David Warther II
David Warther & Co.
Dover , Ohio USA