Awabi Pearl Violin-Viola Bow Slides

Awabi Pearl Violin-Viola Bow Slides

Part # Price Purchase
AWABIVSLIDEX10/292 $ 59.95

10 Violin-Viola size bow slides of Awabi Pearl. Sold in a group of 10 slides so you have a selection.

Each slide measures 1mm thick X 8.5mm x 30mm

US customers only.

While it is legal to sell and ship internationally the permit process for each shipment negates the feasibility of selling beyond the 50 States.

Don't forget the bags!

Violin, Cello & Bass Bow Bags.

PLASTIC BAGS: Our plastic bags are heavy bags at 3 mil thickness. They are 2.75" wide X 36" length and are clear. These are available in groups of 5 or in packages of 100.

Plastic Extra Heavy Duty Bow Bags