Black Kangaroo Leather 29mm X 500+ mm

Black Kangaroo Leather 29mm X 500+ mm

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ROO1.125X20/13A-2 $ 19.95

Genuine kangaroo leather is a great choice for the softest thumb leather.

1.125+ X 20" ( 29 mm by 507 mm). Usually arrives as one piece 20 inches (507mm) in length but it may arrive in 2 or 3 pieces that will total at least 20 inches.

Not all kangaroo leather is suitable for violin bow wrapping thumb leather. We have worked with a tannery to bring you black kangaroo leather in the same precise mill thickness as our goatskin leather.

This kangaroo leather has also been veg tanned with tree bark and other natural veg tannins to provide stability along with the right rigidity and workability needed for thumb leather. This hard to find violin thumb leather holds the properties needed for molding and forming to the bow. It is soft, supple and uniquely strong for its thickness.

This is not the rubbery-stretchy kangaroo leather seen on the cheap bows from overseas.

Don't forget the bags!

Violin, Cello & Bass Bow Bags.

PLASTIC BAGS: Our plastic bags are heavy bags at 3 mil thickness. They are 2.75" wide X 36" length and are clear. These are available in groups of 5 or in packages of 100.

Plastic Extra Heavy Duty Bow Bags