Sartory Style Cello Finished Frog

Sartory Style Cello Finished Frog

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FFSE3SA/323102/91 $ 242.00

Fully Finished Ebony & Silver Sartory Style Cello Bow Frog.

The Frogs are completely polished. Buttons and wedges are included. The frog eyes and the slide are of Awabi (Goldfish) Pearl. The button is one piece and has no pearl eye in the end.

Made By Paulus GmbH of Germany.

Warranty: We inspect every frog before it leaves the shop for possible ebony cracks/flaws. Our policy is that if the frog is unworked and returned right away after inspection from the customer (inspection upon arrival/customers shop) we stand behind it but once it is accepted and any time goes by we cannot accept responsibility.

Upon receipt of your frog you should inspect it and notify us if you wish to return it. Contact us within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise.

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Sartory Style Cello Bow Frog

Sartory Style Cello Bow Frog

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