Violin Bow Wrapping Materials

Silver & Gold Tinsel, Faux Whalebone, Silver Wire, Goatskin, etc.

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Bow Frogs

From Paulus GmbH


Tip Shield™, Tip Armor™, Elforyn® Violin Bow Tips

Made in our Dover, Ohio BowWorks™ Workshop

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Dover, Ohio USA

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Violin Bow Parts, Supplies and Tools

Violin bow parts, supplies and tools for violin bow makers & restoration shops.

BowWorks™ provides an extensive selection of violin bow parts, supplies and tools for individual bow makers, violin shops and manufacturers of violin, cello and bass bows.

Our shop makes the popular Tip Armor™, Tip Shield™, and Elforyn® violin bow tips and we also make these same high quality tips from ancient fossil mammoth ivory. We ship worldwide with shipping charges at or near actual cost. See shipping page for details.

We also serve the North American violin bow parts market as the Paulus GmbH official US representative.